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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

4 New Churches Are On Board....

Last night the local Presbytery (all the local churches) meeting was held at our church.  I was given a few minutes to welcome people and talk about our ministry.  I showed the short video and handed out almost 100 brochures.  At the end of the night 4 new churches took a bin and posters back to their church to start collecting for us!  The churches were: Trinity UC (Guelph), Three Willows UC (Guelph), St Lukes UC (Cambridge), and Olivet UC (Kitchener).  with the three bins we already have out at Barrie Hill UC and Speedside UC, we now have 7 out of 20 bins out and ready to collect school supplies!

What an exciting time...  We just need to place an additional 13 bins, and a few other churches who were there were taking the brochures back to their congregations to get approval.  I hope we hear back soon...

These pictures are from Speedside church. Yesterday when I went into the sanctuary this is what I found...  A COMPLETELY FULL BIN!!!! WOW!!! it has just been out less than 2 weeks... Thank you to everyone who is supporting us in this ministry!  The bottom picture is advertising a Sewing Bee that will take place in April...  The people who attend will be making us PENCIL CASES! How awesome is that!

(You have to excuse all the CAPS and exclamation marks, we are just REALLY excited by the awesome response we have received)

Have a great day everyone!
Kyle & Shelley

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Space To Work

Thanks to the generous folks at Speedside United Church, our Right to Write Ministry and space to store the gathered school supplies and a space to pack and re-pack school supplies as we go along.  The room is located in the church and will be an awesome help after we leave.

Currently, we had everything stored at our house and we have been doing all the re-packaging in our livingroom... Now we have everything we need!!

Happily we have raised half of our first year budget of $10,000. Our hope is that we can gather the rest before we leave.... As for collection locations we currently have two with 3 or 4 more almost ready to go.  We hope to have a 20 collection bins set up before we leave in July.

In December we hope to meet up with friends and family in  Cozumel, Mexico for Christmas.  At that time we are hoping some or all the folks who come down will bring an extra suitcase along with enough supplies to keep us going through most of 2015...