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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Abaiang, Kiribati

Abaiang is 30 nautical miles north of Tarawa in Kiribati but a WORLD away!  Folks here still live in a very traditional way.  there are very few cinder block buildings and NO ONE walks by with saying  "Mauri", which means literally, "you be well".  This is a greeting that these people really mean.

We visited a primary school that day we arrived and checked in and asked if we could come by the next day to bring some school supplies....  The next day came and we were greeted by an assembly of all 130 children, all the teachers and even a visit from the island school superintendent!

This is one of the classrooms.

The children sang and danced for us and after we gave each child their pencil case we were fed an incredible lunch.  When lunch was over it took 9 BOYS to carry the gifts of food they gave us!  From coconuts to Pandanus fruit, we feel like we received MUCH MORE than we gave....