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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

In Fiji

We are in Fiji now. Last year Fiji was devastated by a category five hurricane named Winston. The outer islands are still recovering and in need.  We are having some more pencil cases made here in Latouka by locals. We will fill them with our supplies bought in New Zealand.
We are also bringing food supplies and fishing supplies to help out.
The Lau group of islands where we are headed has very few visitors. As we start our third year at sea we are now visiting some very remote places that are only accessible by boat. Supply ships visit some of these places maybe twice a year. Other than that we will be the only people they see.
We will come back to the main island here in Fiji to restock again a couple times more in our six months here. After which we will head north to some of the least visited countries on the planet, the Gilbert islands and the Marshall Islan. For comparison less than 500 people visit the Marshall Islands yearly, Hawaii gets 8300000 yes that is over 8 million !
We have started a go fund me page to try to raise funds to restock as needed. Every little bit helps ! Thank you and please share our page with others !

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