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Saturday, July 12, 2014

We Found Some GREAT Stuff...

Shelley and I are on our way through New York. At the moment we are in a little town called Waterford NY. Today we went for a bike ride and found a Dollar Sore going out of business.... They had 44 children's paint sets and 30 hand fishing reels... we bought them ALL for $50! After we got to the boat we shrunk wrapped them and found a home for them until we get to Cuba... Here are some pictures:

Thursday, July 3, 2014

We Are On Our Way!

As planned, we departed from Hamilton, Ontario at about 8am on July 1st 2014.  After 9 years of planning and about 4 years of actual preparation, we have begun what we hope is a journey of a lifetime...

We are making our way down the eastern seaboard of the United States over the next 4 months.  The main reason we are taking so long is that we are going to do our best to avoid hurricanes and rest up before getting busy with our new ministry.

Right to Write is a culmination of many hundreds of hours of effort by many people.  Thank you so much to the team at my church for committing to support us as we get going.  We are planning a major effort to gather supplies in July and August while the back to school sales are on.

Just before we go from Florida to Cuba we hope to receive a skid full of school supplies that we will be able to distribute in Cuba in November...  Our plan is to park the boat in Varadero and distribute the goods with the help of aa local driver who we hope to find when we get there.

In early December we plan to go from Cuba to Mexico and spend Christmas with some of our family and friends....  In the new year we will work our way south from Cozumel, Mexico through the western Caribbean toward Panama next spring.

Please follow along as we journey to schools all over the world....

Kyle & Shelley