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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Palmerston Island

While visiting Palmerston Island in the South Pacific we were introduced to the principal of the Palmerston school where we were invited to speak to the children about our experiences with our work with "Right to Write".  We made a picture presentation and answered many questions from the children just before we gave all 24 students their own pencil case and school supplies.  We also gave them a band new soccer ball.

We are introduced to the school principal, Kat

To be clear, the people are not poor.  They simply do not have access to many of the things most of us take for granted.  It was refreshing to share what we had with these beautiful children.  The ages of the school kids are 4 to 18.  Around 2002 the old schoolhouse on the island burned down and the island was left with no school.  We were told that kids who are around David's age (20) didn't get any formal education during that time. The Cook government decided there wasn't enough children to afford the expense of replacing it.  In 2005, the people of Palmerston took matters into their own hands and built their own school.  Before we left the school we were treated to a song sung by the kids about their island. .  This would be the first of many chances to hear people of this community sing.  And WOW, can these folks sing!

The school has 4 teachers and a principal now.