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Thursday, June 23, 2016

We are in the South Pacific....

We have travelled some 4000 nautical miles from Panama to the South Pacific.  We journeyed some 32 days before we arrived in Hiva Oa in the French Marquesas.

After checking in we learned that the French government is very supportive of the schools in their territories.  Thus, we found no school children who we felt needed our help.

We are now in Tahiti, and plan to work our way further west before we head south to New Zealand for the coming cyclone season.

Our hope is that after we leave the French territory (in about another month) we will discover new places who may want or need what we have to share.

Our boat is PACKED with school supplies and we are looking forward to continuing our work as we travel.

At this time we want to thank the wonderful folks from Speedside and Barrie Hill United Churches who have supported us in such a generous way over the last two years.

They have decided to disband our support group, which we completely understand.  We are getting too far away for them to economically send us supplies. We hope that people will continue to support us financially.  We are NOT stopping our work, and will continue to give away school supplies as long as we can afford it.

Financial support must now come to us directly, either through our daughter in Canada or via direct PayPal donation. We promise to use whatever we get to purchase more school supplies, and distribut

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