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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Tonga 3

We are out of supplies....  We have now delivered almost everything we had on our boat and have helped many children...  I have to say, it feel pretty good.

We delivered the last of our supplies to children in schools on the Island of Nukalufa.  This is the Capital of Tonga, but there is still significant need.  We visited some more schools and the people seemed happy with our gifts...

We will be re-stocking when we get to New Zealand!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tonga 2

What an amazing few weeks!  As we sailed south through the Ha'Apai group of islands in the Kingdom of  Tonga, we realized just how far from resources these people really are.  Often with no way to get supplies, they rely on small fishing boats to deliver all that is needed.  This makes these folks very resourceful.

I suppose by North American standards, they live in "poverty", but my sense is that they might just be more wealthy than we are!  We almost never saw anyone with a frown, people always greet even a stranger with a smile, and with little more than enough food to survive, Shelley and I have received the generosity of these people time and time again.  From vegetables from their gardens to fruit from their trees, they often give as much or more than they receive in "real" terms...

After leaving the first school, we visited 6 more schools and delivered a total of 467 pencil cases leaving us with about 150 for the islands here in the Southern Group of Tonga.  We are currently anchored near the capital city of Tonga Tapu where we are waiting for a weather window that will allow us to sail the last 1100 nautical miles to New Zealand in time for cyclone season.

In New Zealand we plan to re-stock our supplies for our journey that will take us to Fiji, Vanuatu and beyond next year.

Here are some pictures of some of our deliveries.  Last week, the children were on an "official" school holiday, but in almost every school, the older children were studying for the tests that would allow them to continue on to "college" (the equivalent of our high school).  Higher education here is an earned privilege... One that is taken very seriously by most of the young people we met...

We are seeing whales everyday!
 The picture below is at the home of the principal of the school on the Island of Ha'Afeva.  His wife is not being lazy, she has diabetes and with no medical clinic, by the time she got to a doctor, they had to remove half her foot...  This is their reality... Despite her predicament, she was full of joy and good humor.  When we get to NZ we will try to find a wheelchair for her so she can get mobile again...

Pitre, the principal and his wife.

The school  -  3 classrooms and a library with no shelves and very few books...  None in Tongan.
Many of the window panes are gone....

A Tongan language metronone

The principal's office

The Library
One of the classrooms - most of the furniture is broken in some way or another.

A desk for four to five children
The school on Oua Island - The fence was donated by Canada....

Meeting the principal
Sharing what we have....


Children studying for their exam next week...

Between Oua and Nomuka we caught a 20lb Tuna and our freezer was full so I cut it into 4 big chunks and gave it to the villagers of Nomuka.
Women weaving on the Island of Nomuka

An average home
The main road...
More kids studying for their exams.... ON THEIR HOLIDAY!

The village dogs smell the tuna!
The school run by the New Apostolic Church
Up to this point, we have only been helping government schools.  This was our first experience visiting a church run school.  While still in need, they were much better equipped than the regular public schools.

We finally arrived in Tonga Tapu, the Capital of Tonga.  We met a beautiful Tongan woman called "Big Mama"who hails from a northern island we never made it to.  She will be sending a bunch of supplies to her islands in the far north that almost never see cruising boats...

More soon,
God bless,
Kyle and Shelley

Friday, September 16, 2016


After a crazy 12 hour sail with 30 knots wind on our nose we arrived last week in the beautiful Ha'Apai Group of the Kingdom of Tonga.

This is an area seldom visited by tourists a so a wonderful place to share.

We have delivered just over 100 pencil cases so far and are sailing around the archipelago looking for more village schools.  We invited another cruising couple to join us.  Lanny and Ginger from the Swift Sure not only helped us deliver the goods, but were kind enough to help us put everything together.

We needed the Principal to translate..

we also found a soccer ball for them!

While in the school, someone borrowed my shoe.....

the children's playground

While here in Tonga our plan is to empty the boat of everything we have and arrive in New Zealand empty so we can re-supply during cyclone season.

As most of you know, we are no longer supported by my old churches, so now entirely rely on donations from people like you.  We have some very big expenses coming up as we make some major repairs to Blowin' Bubbles while in New Zealand and completely re-stock her for our trip to more South Pacific Islands after cyclone season.

Please use the "DONATE" button on this page or send donations to "Right to Write Ministry" c/o Ms. Glenda Rose, 100 Barnet Cr. Fergus, Ontario, Canada N1M 3E5

Kyle and Shelley