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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Merry Christmas From Panama....

This is our second Christmas away from home.  In many ways We are thrilled, but there is a part of Shelley and I that will always miss the joy that was being with all our family and friends at this time of the year.
Our decorated Christmas tree on board Blowin' Bubbles....

That said, since our last entry we have been busy giving away many school supplies to many children.  Unfortunately, it has all been pretty hit and miss because the children have all been out of school here in the San Blas Islands for almost a month.  There were independence days (4 of them) in November, Mothers Day (which was actually 3 days), and now Christmas.  We have learned that the officials just give the children almost 2 months off at this time of the year.

On one island we visited called Carti Subdup we met a man who took us to the island school where they were technically closed, but the director and a number of students were there when we arrived.  We took this opportunity to deliver a whole suitcase full of supplies for this school who serves 300-400 children.

The number of children varies because many children live on outlying islands and can't (don't) often attend.  Today we are anchored off an inhabited island where we noticed quite a number of children.  Later we will go with supplies to those children, who I am sure don't very often get to an official school.

While were in Carti Supdup we also delivered about 40lbs of medical supplies to the local clinic.  As many of you know, Shelley's mom died at the end of October and was given palliative care in her home before her passing.  It turns out that the medical supplies delivered for her care could not be returned for use in another home in Canada, so we packed up everything and brought it back with us.

The people in the clinic were thrilled to receive what we had.  This is not really our focus, but Shelley and I could not bear to see all that perfectly good medical stuff go to waste!  One of her moms nurses even donated an extra blood pressure device that she had in her car...

We are so blessed that the season of giving lasts all year!  For without your kindness, generosity and support, we could not do what we do for so many people who live so differently from the way we do...

We leave you all with Christmas blessings and love....

Kyle & Shelley

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Delivering Supplies to the San Blas Islands, Panama

Hi Everyone!  It has been some time since we have had internet.  Shelley and I are in the San Blas Islands in the south east end of Panama.

In late October Shelley and I had to rush home to be with her mom.  Sadly, on October 31st her mom died after a valiant 10 year battle with cancer.

While we were home we met with some of our support people in Canada and it was decided that we are now too far away for school supplies to be sent economically to us. So, although we will continue to collect supplies in Canada, most of those gifts will be used to fulfill our commitment to children at home who are in need.

This means that Shelley and I would appreciate your continued support by sending cash donations to:

Right to Write Ministry
c/o Ms. Glenda Rose
100 Barnet Cr.
Fergus, Ontario N1M 3E5

Or you can just use the "donate" button on the top right corner of this blog page.

Shelley and I will be using the money to purchase school supplies in bulk in major cities along our way. Our first purchase will be in the spring in Panama City as we prepare to visit the French Marquesas Islands in the South Pacific.

In the mean time, before we returned to Panama we packed 3 huge suitcases full of supplies from Canada for us to use here in the San Blas Islands.

This is an indigenous area of Panama where many of the people still live in traditional ways.  there are not many "towns or villages"  here but there are many many children.  The schools they do have are mostly huge with 800 - 1000 children drawn from a vast area.

This is too much for us to handle, so we have elected to help individual families as we encounter people along our way.  Daily, men and women come by our boat with everything from veggies to beautiful hand made molas for us to buy.

We have been finding out about their families and sending pencil cases and paper home to them.  Not very efficient, but a sure way to get the school supplies to individual children.

If you remember last year we distributed many supplies to many children in Los Fincas in Cozumel, Mexico.  This year, while we are not there ourselves, have been blessed with a few generous people who will give some stuff away again this year as Santa visits again...

We will publish a new blog as we connect with more children in this beautiful part of the world...