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Saturday, November 11, 2017

We Are Still Here...

In answer to everyone's question.... yes, we are alive, and our ministry is still active....

Unfortunately, Shelley had some health issues when we were in Fiji, so we needed some time to sort all that out... the good news is that she is well and happy.

That said, we are now on our way about 1800 miles north to the Marshall Islands.  Along the way we stoped at Wallis Island, a French possession, where again, the children were well cared for in terms of their education.

We are currently in a small Atoll called Funafuti, which is a part of the tiny country of Tuvalu.  Folks here in Funafuti are well cared for buy the Australian and Taiwanese governments, and have a brand new school!

We have learned that some of the outer islands are not so well looked after, so we have written a letter requesting permission to stop there on our way north.  

If we are given permission, we will be stopping to deliver what we understand are some much needed school supplies for the children who live in these remote South Pacific islands.

When we next have internet we will report on our progress...

God bless,

Kyle and Shelley 

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